Welcome to Cambodia, Kingdom of the Rice


We want to be the first choice of YOUR ORGANIC PARTNER in CAMBODIA and a reliable REPRESENTITIVE between farmers & buyers.

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We are providing INNOVATIVE healthy agricultural products through the CONSCIOUS, ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL and SUSTAINABLE platform.

  • Innovation: 

We drive our business focus on the innovation business model, technology and standard, and organic standard.

  • Conscious:

We understand well how to develop our company from step to sept and the company must do the first thing is capacity building such as developing human resources and for farmers such as cultivation, post-harvest solution, and production standard.

  • Environment:

Our farmers must follow our code of conduct and environment policy such as NO child labor, NO hunting, NO cut the forest and NO growing on illegal land. We will link our farmers to use crop cover, crop rotation and use organic fertilizer & organic pesticides to improve soil fertility and especially to improve microorganism, ecosystem & biodiversity.

  • Sustainable platform:

Sustainable is a very important role for agriculture business especially working with small scale farmers. The company run the program called "PARTNERSHIP FOR SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE AND VALUE CHAIN" to bring more partners relevant to the agriculture sector and target area such other private companies, buyers, NGOs & government to maximize the benefit to our farmers & all stakeholders in the sustainable platform and to reach the government goals and UN Sustainable Development Goal 2030.

Core Value

  • Integrity

Our business is focused on honest, transparency & accountability to build Cambodian company to be an international company and sustainable long-term business partner.

  • Commitment

We commit to our agreement & word and challenging business environment, climate change.

  • Respect

We recognize and respect all our business partners, stakeholders and included farmers.

  • Partnership

All our business partners and stakeholders are dealing with integrity, commitment, respect, and confidence as the partnership balance.

  • Result-oriented

We do our best to bring all of us to succeed together.